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Repeater Should Be Noted When Painting
Aug 01, 2017

Repeater should be noted when painting
  Painting is an indispensable decorative products, then the Repeater should pay attention to what before painting, today's Repeaters manufacturers to explain for everyone
1, before painting the product to the surface of the burr, Phi Feng, convex and the transit process of damage to the damaged parts of the site to meet the requirements. 2, speed-type coupler products to spray primer, fill ash, grinding ash, cleaning, spray paint, must be strictly in accordance with the implementation process.
3, with banana water or gasoline or kerosene, cleaning, wiping the surface of the product throughout the fingerprints, dust, paint, etc., and dry the surface.
    4, paint the surface to be uniform, shiny color, can not have tears stains stains.
5, easy to melt plug, explosion-proof plug end face and nameplate, dipstick, oil mirror, logo, marking, etc. to retain the original color, the original parts or parts to be coated with butter or paper cover, to prevent paint color, And then removed.
6, after painting to play a protective, beautiful role.
The working fluid of the Repeater is the medium that transmits the torque of the coupler. The multiplier of the Repeater has a large influence on the transmission torque of the coupler and the overload protection.
For the same type and specification of the coupler, the amount of liquid filling directly affects the size of the coupler transmission torque. Its basic law is in the provisions of the liquid filling range, the more liquid charge the more coupler transmission torque is greater. In the transmission torque is constant, the more liquid charge, the higher the efficiency of the Repeater, but at this time the starting torque will increase, the overload factor will be a corresponding increase. You can use a different amount of liquid, so that the same specifications of the coupler and several different power motor match to apply to different work requirements.
Repeater fuel supply with the specifications of the hydraulic coupling has its own transmission torque range, known as the power band, the power band with the coupling device filled with the corresponding range. Normally, the range of the Repeater should be 60% to 80% of the total volume of the coupler, which can not be exceeded and can not be filled. When the liquid coupling liquid volume exceeds 80% of the volume, the coupler in the rotation, due to overload and rapid temperature rise and pressure, resulting in the expansion of the working fluid volume, the coupling of the internal pressure increases, it will destroy Oh Sealed, causing leakage, and even cause the coupling of the shell cracking, resulting in mechanical damage.
 If the clothes are dirty, we will of course clean. Machinery and equipment is no exception, but the cleaning process and methods are not the same. Let's take a look at the method of cleaning the liquid coupling.
    ① the disassembly of the hydraulic components, process plug and interference with the Department may not be demolished, combined with the surface sealant seal removed.
    ② all cleaning parts should be placed in the container, with a manual pressure suction gun repeatedly rinse the parts of the cavity and oil, when the cleaning to reach the target without any dirt, and then cleaning detergent once.
    And then stir the container to remove 100ml of gasoline, placed in a glass tube, observed in the bright, such as visual observation of any visible foreign matter and suspended impurities, this time can be considered clean.
    ③ who can not be placed in the container of large pieces, must also be connected with the Sheng, with cups of oil clean.
    ④ After cleaning the parts of the oil and rinse the oil tank with filter paper filter.
    ⑤ filter the filter paper into the weighing bottle, half-cover conditions into the 100 ℃ drying box drying 1 hour, remove the appropriate cover, should be placed in the dryer cooling 0.5 hours and then the total weight on the balance The

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