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Repeater Use Characteristics
Jun 15, 2017

Repeater use characteristics

My company has advanced production equipment, scientific management level, products and services widely favored by consumers, welcomed the broad masses of customers throughout the visit! We will be happy to serve you! The use of repeaters mainly has the following four characteristics:

1, the use of repeaters can significantly improve the motor starting performance, improve the motor start-up capability.

2, the use of multi-level relay parallel operation, coordination of multi-machine load when the average distribution of the load.

3, the use of repeaters to protect the motor and equipment to prevent motor overload.

4, the use of repeaters to start the load device smoothly to reduce the equipment during the operation of the impact and vibration.

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The pump wheel and the turbine of the repeater form a closed working chamber which allows the liquid to circulate. The pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft. Power (internal combustion engine, motor, etc.) to drive the input shaft rotation, the liquid was centrifugal pump wheel thrown out. This high-speed liquid enters the turbine and then drives the turbine to rotate, passing the energy from the pump wheel to the output shaft. The final liquid returns to the pump wheel, forming a cycle of flow. The repeater relies on the interaction of the liquid with the pump wheel and the turbine blade to produce a change in the momentum moment to transmit the torque. Its output torque is equal to the input torque minus the friction torque, so its output torque is always less than the input torque. The relay input shaft and the output shaft are connected with the liquid, and there is no rigid connection between the working members.

The advantages of the repeater are: to eliminate the impact and vibration; output speed is lower than the input speed, the speed difference between the two shaft increases with the load increases; overload protection performance and start performance, the load is too large and stop the input shaft Can still be rotated without causing damage to the power machine; when the load is reduced, the output shaft speed increases until close to the input shaft speed, so that the transmission torque tends to zero. The transmission efficiency of the repeater is equal to the ratio of the output shaft speed to the input shaft speed. General repeater normal operating speed ratio of 0.95 or more can get a higher efficiency. The characteristics of the repeater vary depending on the working chamber and the pump wheel, the shape of the turbine. It generally rely on the shell of natural cooling, no external cooling of the oil supply system. If the relay of the oil vent, the coupling is in the disengaged state, can play the role of clutch.

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