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Technical Specifications Of Power Splitter
Sep 07, 2018

The technical specifications of Power Splitter include frequency range, withstand power, main-to-branch distribution loss, insertion loss between input and output, isolation between branch ports, voltage standing wave ratio of each port, etc. 

1, frequency range. This is the working premise of various RF / microwave circuits. The design structure of power divider is closely related to the operating frequency. We must first clarify the frequency of the distributor so as to make the following design.

2, withstanding power. In high power divider/synthesizer, the maximum power that circuit components can withstand is the core index, which determines the form of transmission line to achieve the design task. Generally speaking, the order of transmission line withstanding power from small to large is microstrip line, stripline, coaxial line, air stripline, air coaxial line, according to the design task to choose which line to use.

3, distribution loss. The distribution loss of the main road to the branch is essentially related to the power allocation ratio of the power divider. For example, the distribution loss of the two equal power divider is 3dB, and the distribution loss of the four equal power divider is 6dB.

4, insertion loss. The insertion loss between input and output is caused by the medium of transmission line (such as microstrip line) or the unsatisfactory conductor. The loss caused by the standing wave ratio of input is considered.

5, isolation. The isolation between branch ports is another important index of power divider. If the input power from each branch port can only be output from the main port, and should not be output from other branches, this requires sufficient isolation between the branches.

6, stationed in Bobbi. The smaller the voltage of each port Bobbi, the better.

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