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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Repeater
Jun 26, 2018


The communication distance is enlarged.

The maximum number of nodes is increased.

Different network segments can use different communication rates.

The reliability is improved. When the network fails, it usually affects only the individual network segments.

The performance is improved.

The main advantages of repeaters are simple installation, convenient use and relatively low price. Not only does he play the role of network distance, he can also connect different transmission media network. Repeaters work in the physical layer and are transparent to high-level protocols. [2]


Because the repeater restores the received signal to the time when it is transmitted, the delay is increased.

The MAC sublayer of CAN bus does not have the function of flow control. When the load on the network is very heavy, it may overflow due to insufficient storage space in the repeater buffer, resulting in frame loss.

If a repeater fails, it will affect the work of two adjacent subnets.

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Add:9F, Dongguan Building, Jiangnan Ave 4288, Binjiang District, Hangzhou
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