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The Amount And Method Of Hybrid Coupler
Oct 23, 2017

The amount and method of Hybrid Coupler
The working fluid of the Hybrid Coupler is the medium that transfers the torque of the Hybrid Coupler, and how much of the mixed coupler has a relatively large effect on the transmission torque of the Hybrid Coupler and the overload protection.
For the same type and specifications of the Hybrid Coupler, the amount of liquid charge directly affect the size of the Hybrid Coupler transmission torque. Its basic law is in the provisions of the liquid filling range, the more liquid filled the amount of Hybrid Coupler transmission torque is greater. When the transmission torque is constant, the more the liquid charge amount, the higher the efficiency of the Hybrid Coupler, but the starting torque will increase at this time, the overload factor will increase accordingly. You can use a different amount of liquid, so that the same specifications of the Hybrid Coupler with several different power motor match to apply to different work requirements.
Hybrid Coupler with the same size of the Hybrid Coupler has a certain transmission torque range, known as the power band, the power band with the Hybrid Coupler filling range corresponds. Typically, the Hybrid Coupler should have a fill range of 60% to 80% of the total volume of the Hybrid Coupler, which can not be exceeded and can not be filled. When the liquid charge volume of the Hybrid Coupler exceeds 80% of the volume, the Hybrid Coupler will rise due to overload and increase the pressure rise, resulting in the expansion of the working fluid volume. The internal pressure of the Hybrid Coupler will increase. Destroying the seal, causing leakage of the liquid, and even causing the shell of the Hybrid Coupler to crack, resulting in mechanical damage.
The Hybrid Coupler comprises a hydraulic top, a sleeve, a hook and an LED lamp. The top of the sleeve is provided with a hydraulic top, and a mandrel is arranged inside the sleeve. The top end of the mandrel is connected with the hydraulic top, and the bottom of the sleeve is provided with a hook ;
The lower right side of the sleeve with screws, the left side of the sleeve with LED lights, LED lights inside the electronic, LED lights at the top with a switch, LED lights at the bottom with metal hose, metal hose connected to the other end of the bulb.
There are three hooks, grappling was one hundred and twenty degrees on average distribution; electrons need three; hook hook with anti-skid thread.
Advantages of using a Hybrid Coupler puller:
Reasonable structure, practical function, easy operation, can be a Hybrid Coupler and shaft safe and quick separation, to ensure that the Hybrid Coupler is complete, can continue to use, so as to avoid the mixed coupler was devastated demolition of the loss ;
At the same time without restrictions on the site, the use of more convenient, and because the hook is equipped with anti-skid thread, can easily grasp the Hybrid Coupler.
The pump coupler and the turbine of the Hybrid Coupler form a closed working chamber which allows the liquid to circulate. The pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft. When the power machine drives the input shaft to rotate, the liquid is thrown out by the centrifugal pump wheel. This high-speed liquid enters the turbine and then drives the turbine to rotate, passing the energy from the pump wheel to the output shaft. The final liquid returns to the pump wheel, forming a cycle of flow.
The Hybrid Coupler interacts with the pump wheel and the blade of the turbine to produce a change in momentum moments to transfer the torque. While the turbine will be the oil kinetic energy and potential energy and turn into the output shaft of the mechanical energy, in order to achieve the flexible transmission of energy. The rotating housing is connected to the pump wheel, and a radially displaceable spoon tube is placed in the rotating housing. During operation, the oil in the chamber rotates with the same rotation speed of the pump wheel as the rotating housing, and the oil ring rotates at a peripheral speed Fixed does not turn (can only move) of the emerald filter guide tube, the head end of the mouth, the kinetic energy becomes bit of energy, oil ring oil from the diversion tube outflow.

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