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The Basic Points Of The Hybrid Coupler Assembly Process
Sep 01, 2017

The basic points of the Hybrid Coupler assembly process
    The Hybrid Coupler consists of many components. These parts must be assembled into a product to complete the assembly process. The process of completing these parts is called the assembly process.
    Hybrid Coupler assembly process relative to other Hybrid Coupler is relatively simple, limited-type Hybrid Coupler assembly is basically applied to the swap method, matching method, repair method and adjustment method. Regardless of the type of process used, the essentials of the assembly process are basically the same.
    Due to the differences in the production capacity and conditions of the enterprises, the Hybrid Coupler assembly process will be different in actual operation. But in any case, the basic process requirements are the same, otherwise it can not meet the requirements of Hybrid Coupler and factory test.
 Hybrid Coupler working chamber filled with a certain amount of working fluid (usually 20 turbine oil), the working wheel pump from the motor to obtain mechanical energy, and into liquid energy, to promote the turbine rotation, the turbine can be converted into mechanical energy, Through the output, drive the work of the machine, cycle, to achieve from the prime mover to the work machine between the energy transfer.
Hybrid Coupler is able to speed control, is through the internal coupling of the catheter to change the catheter opening, thus changing the working fluid within the working fluid fullness, the same speed in the case of the motor to achieve the machine's stepless tone Speed, change the size of the output power. Because the transfer of energy changes, resulting in slip, will make the working fluid heat, it must be equipped with a cooler to cool the working fluid. Hybrid Coupler is equipped with electric actuators and electric manipulators, with the load changes in the signal connection, according to user requirements with automatic speed device. Can achieve speed control remote control or automatic control.
The working fluid of the Hybrid Coupler is the medium that transfers the torque of the Hybrid Coupler, and how much of the mixed coupler has a relatively large effect on the transmission torque of the Hybrid Coupler and the overload protection.
For the same type and specifications of the Hybrid Coupler, the amount of liquid filled directly affect the size of the Hybrid Coupler transmission torque. Its basic law is in the provisions of the liquid filling range, the more liquid filling the amount of Hybrid Coupler transmission torque is greater. When the transmission torque is constant, the more the liquid charge amount is, the higher the working efficiency of the Hybrid Coupler is, but the starting torque will increase and the overload coefficient will increase accordingly. You can use a different amount of liquid, so that the same specifications of the Hybrid Coupler and several different power motor match to apply to different work requirements.
Hybrid Coupler with the same size of the Hybrid Coupler has a certain transmission torque range, known as the power band, the power band with the Hybrid Coupler filling range corresponds. Typically, the Hybrid Coupler should have a fill range of 60% to 80% of the total volume of the Hybrid Coupler, which can not be exceeded and can not be filled. When the liquid charge of the Hybrid Coupler exceeds 80% of the volume, the Hybrid Coupler will rise due to overload and increase the pressure of the working fluid, resulting in the expansion of the working fluid volume. The internal pressure of the Hybrid Coupler will increase. Destroying the seal, causing leakage, and even causing the shell of the Hybrid Coupler to crack, resulting in mechanical damage.
Hybrid Coupler assembly, the factory test qualified, they have to enter the paint painting process. Its purpose is to make the product with rust, corrosion, beautiful effect. This process seems simple, but to achieve the purpose of the process is very complex, the process of each step is very important process, the specific process requirements are as follows:
1) before painting the product surface of the burr, Phi front, convex and the transit process of damage to the site of the damaged to meet the requirements.
2) with banana water or gasoline or kerosene, cleaning, wiping the surface of the product throughout the fingerprints, dust, paint, etc., and dry the surface.

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