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The Development Of Hybrid Coupler In China
Oct 12, 2017

Hybrid Coupler has been known as a professional magnetic coupling, is widely used in a variety of general machinery components. At present, the Hybrid Coupler is used to connect two axes, the motor shaft and the machine shaft, and make it able to rotate together, and ultimately achieve the role of transmission torque.
Conventional couplers must pass torque through the mutual coupling of the drive shaft and the driven shaft. The structure of the coupler is very complex, and the accuracy of the production is very high, otherwise it will easily affect the production efficiency. In addition, the traditional Hybrid Coupler is also prone to damage during the various components of the destruction, in particular, easy to damage the drive shaft and the shaft between the seal. When the drive shaft and the slave shaft are operated in two different media that need to be isolated from each other, they must be sealed with a sealing element. If the seal is a problem, then it will make harmful gases or liquids remain in the system, once the leak will not only pollute the environment, but also endanger people's lives.
The Hybrid Coupler is a non-contact coupler, typically consisting of two magnets, one of which is mounted inside the system and the other on the outside of the system. The two magnets are separated by a shield in the middle. The inner magnet is connected with the driven member, and the outer magnet is connected with the power part.
Hybrid Coupler in addition to the elastic coupling cushioning vibration function, its biggest feature is that it broke the traditional coupler structure, the use of a new magnetic coupling principle, to achieve between the active shaft and driven shaft through direct contact Can carry out the force and torque transmission, and dynamic seal into a static seal, to achieve zero leakage. Therefore, it is widely used in the leakage of special requirements of the occasion.
Hybrid Coupler are currently widely used in a wide range of components, widely used in a variety of general machinery. At present, China's Hybrid Coupler has two main structures, namely, plane magnetic Hybrid Coupler and coaxial magnetic Hybrid Coupler. Magnet to the axial magnetization, coupling the magnetic pole into the axial configuration called the plane magnetic Hybrid Coupler. The magnet is magnetized in the radial direction and the coupling magnetic pole is arranged in a radial direction called coaxial magnetic Hybrid Coupler.
No matter what kind of Hybrid Coupler the principle of its work is the same. This article for everyone to elaborate on the working principle of Hybrid Coupler.
The general magnetic Hybrid Coupler consists of an outer magnet, an inner magnet and a spacer. The inner and outer magnets are composed of permanent magnets which are magnetized in the radial direction and opposite to each other, and are arranged alternately in the circumferential direction with different polarities and fixed on the low carbon steel ring to form the magnetic circuit connection.
The cover is made of non-ferritic high-resistance materials, which are non-magnetic, the most common are made of austenitic stainless steel. In the quiescent state, the N-pole (S-pole) of the external magnet is attracted to the S-pole (N-pole) of the inner magnet so as to be linear, and the torque at this time is zero. When the external magnet in the power machine driven by the rotation, the beginning of the magnet due to friction and the resistance of the role of the transmission, still in a quiescent state. At this time, the outer magnet starts to deviate by a certain angle relative to the inner magnet, and the N pole (S pole) of the outer magnet has a pulling effect on the S pole (N pole) of the inner magnet due to the presence of this angle. At the same time, the N pole (S pole) of the outer magnet has a pushing effect on the former N pole (S pole) of the inner magnet, so that the inner magnet has a tendency to follow the rotation. This is the principle of the push-pull magnetic circuit of the Hybrid Coupler.

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