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The Failure Caused By The Pollution Of The Transmission Oil Of The Repeater
Sep 12, 2017

The failure caused by the pollution of the transmission oil of the Repeater

The transmission working oil of the Repeater can cause many faults in the system. The following are several important aspects:

1. Damage seal. Most of the Repeater USES the sealing ring, if the working oil has contaminated particles, it will destroy the oil seal lip, aggravate the abrasion of the shaft seal, thus damaging the seal.

2. Damage bearing and gear. Because hydraulic transmission oil is used to transfer power and lubricate bearings, mixing impurities in working oil can accelerate the wear of bearings, especially running bearings, and aggravate the damage of gears.

3: accelerate the aging of oil: after the oil is polluted, the viscosity of oil will be reduced by rust resistance, emulsification and defoaming.

The above introduces the failure caused by the pollution of the transmission oil of the Repeater, and the user should pay attention to the use of the Repeaters and change the hydraulic transmission oil regularly.

The Repeater is powered by the working oil in the chamber between the pump wheel and the turbine, so it is especially important to use the oil in some harsh areas.

Now we are in cold area in the north of China, for example, cold area in north China oil field pumping unit or ski resort the tractor use Repeaters, are mostly used in the open air and harsh environments for in - 40 ℅ still can run properly. And ordinary L - TSA32 turbine oil tangent point up to 7 ℅, only 6 suspects to - 30 ℅ hydraulic transmission oil, hydraulic oil solidifying point for 8-35 ℅. Can't be used in cold area. Only 0 / SYRH2042-2001 standard in no. 8 d hydraulic transmission oil solidifying point up to - 50 ℅, can be used in cold area open.

The pump wheel and turbine of the Repeater are composed of a closed working chamber that allows the liquid to circulate, the pump wheel is mounted on the input shaft, and the turbine is mounted on the output shaft. When the engine (internal combustion engine, motor, etc.) drives the input shaft, the liquid is thrown out by the centrifugal pump.

The high speed liquid enters the turbine and pushes the turbine to rotate, transferring energy from the pump to the output shaft. The final liquid returns to the pump, forming a cyclical flow. The Repeater USES the fluid to interact with the blades of the pump and the turbine to generate the dynamic moment of change to deliver torque. Its output torque is equal to the input torque minus the friction torque, so its output torque is less than the input torque.

With the progress of The Times, the transmission shaft Repeater has been widely used in China. Including cross - link, star - type Repeater, etc. So, what are the reasons for the unbalance of the Repeater?

Repeater attachment is not balanced, which means that all attachment is unstable, cause always contains a bolt, lock washer, nut, oil plug, seals, gaskets, keys, positioning plate, pushing plate, lock nut, etc.; It is not correct imbalances, but it is not smooth, and all the parts as the foundation, can choose the following two methods to judge the caused by wrong solid not smooth, the accumulation of assets, the basis of the design rules of a statistical analysis of data, according to the regulation of design, may occur in the theoretical calculation of the biggest is not smooth; The eccentric appearance represents the opposite of the eccentricity of the corresponding radial position on the axis of the part and the part; Surface crack, crack can be the radial relative position of the component shaft.

Before the Repeater is started, the working fluid is filled in the auxiliary cavity below, thus reducing the oil filling rate of the working chamber, reducing the starting torque and smoothing the start. On the other hand, if the auxiliary cavity is located at the top and the Repeater starts up, the working cavity is fully filled with oil, making the starting torque and starting impact increase, which is not conducive to the smooth start of the working machine.

Which are characterized by their smooth no-load starting motor, stepless variable speed etc., used in the power plant feed pump speed setting, can simplify the boiler feed water regulating system, reduce the amount of high pressure valves, as by speed changes to water flow and pressure to adapt to the unit start-stop and load change, good adjusting performance, before and after the valve pressure drop is small, line loss is small, not easy to damage, reduce feed water system faults, jamming occurs when the feed water pump, killed, and so on and so forth, can have the pump and motor protection. Therefore, in the modern power station, the unit boiler gives the water pump the speed regulation of the hydraulic coupling.

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