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The Hybrid Coupler Can Reduce The Energy Saving Energy Of The Machine
Sep 12, 2017

The Hybrid Coupler can reduce the energy saving energy of the machine
1. Starting energy saving
Approximate Hybrid Coupler has solved the difficult starting a motor racing start a startup current low start current short duration of a pair of small grid impact a startup process energy consumption: the greater the moment of inertia of working machine, start the longer, the more frequently the start times, using Hybrid Coupler drive more energy-saving.
2. Reduce energy saving of motor capacity
Solved the big inertia mechanical hydraulic drive of starting a motor can be a difficult problem of peak torque starting a motor starting ability raise one design do not need to increase the safety factor without big mara car one compared with the rigid transmission can reduce at least one motor frame size, use small motor working under rated conditions and energy saving
3. Sequence starting energy saving
The Hybrid Coupler can make a multi-motor drive motor sequence start balancing load together with a small pair of power grids to reduce the load of a transformer
4. Overload protection energy saving
Hybrid Coupler can protect the motor and working machine from being damaged when overload one motor from overloading impact overload protection machine from being damaged when overload a reduce equipment failure rate, extending the service life of the equipment energy conservation in Taiwan, compared with the rigid drive, Hybrid Coupler drive energy saving rate is the 8-15%.
The time of the Hybrid Coupler is the earliest, which belongs to the loss power control (mechanical) speed regulation. But as the technology advances, the Hybrid Coupler gradually shows the following limitations:
1. The Hybrid Coupler is the mechanical shaft connection of the mechanical shaft output end of the motor and the Hybrid Coupler. The speed of the Hybrid Coupler is connected with the fan's mechanical shaft through the output end of the liquid coupling. The distance between the fan and the motor is far away and the efficiency is poor. Need to provide the larger installation space, the foundation is complicated.
2. Since the two halves of the Hybrid Coupler are two and a half shafts, the radial pulsation is large, which can cause the leakage of the equipment in a short time. This will result in mechanical shaft and bearing dry grinding. Therefore, the failure rate is higher.
3. Hybrid Coupler belongs to a kind of mechanical speed regulating device. The principle of Hybrid Coupler determines the speed loss of 8-10% of the Hybrid Coupler. At the same time the power loss becomes heat, the hydraulic oil temperature is too high. A large amount of cooling water is needed to cool the hydraulic fluid.
4, in the actual operation medium oil temperature higher than 95 ℃ above, make the cooler water dirty jams easily, cause of failure.
5. Since the Hybrid Coupler is transmitted power by hydraulic oil, the speed control is unstable, the power factor is low, and the speed adjustment is poor.
6. When the Hybrid Coupler fails, the device can only stop running. Serious impact on production.
The efficiency of the Hybrid Coupler is low, the speed regulation itself is large, the maintenance quantity is large, the second cost is too high.
8, Hybrid Coupler belongs to loss power control speed regulating device, according to the state to carry out the policy of energy saving section line, development of Hybrid Coupler is not currently use the product, from the perspectives of the safety of production and operation cost, Hybrid Coupler is not suitable for the market at present, will be the electromagnetic control power of the other type of high efficiency and energy saving control device.
Most of the shaft end of the Hybrid Coupler is sealed with oil seal. The sealing condition of oil seal is to ensure that the shaft and oil seal lip can form a qualified ink, and the surface tension of ink can be used to produce the sealing effect. If the three machines are different, the axial force of the hydraulic coupling is affected by the radial force generated by the installation of different hearts, and the resulting movement or pulsation will naturally destroy the oil film, thus producing a leak. The installation of a Hybrid Coupler is very important, not only that there will be oil leakage but also many problems. There are also premature damage to the bearing, elastic plum pad damage. It's all about installing different hearts. So I hope you will use a Hybrid Coupler first to use the instruction manual, or to use the sample. The cause of the oil leakage in the shaft is the difference between the three machines.

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