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The Repair Of Repeater Shall Adopt A Reliable Sealing Structure
Jul 10, 2017

The repair of Repeater shall adopt a reliable sealing structure

The vertical coupling can be divided into the common type, the limited moment type vertical Repeater and the governor type vertical Repeater. According to the transmission type, vertical Repeater can be divided into direct and direct drive and two kinds of transmission. The vertical Repeater can be divided into two kinds: sitting and hanging. Vertical vertical mounting and vertical mechanical supporting Repeater is called vertical Repeater. Its classification and characteristics are as follows:

The speed regulating type Repeater is restricted by the structure, only the vertical vertical is not sitting upright, that is, the motor is above the coupling, and the working machine is under the coupling.

The structural features of vertical Repeater appear on the surface, it seems that the vertical hydraulic coupling is the horizontal Repeater, and the sealing of the lower end of the coupling device needs to be strengthened. When the horizontal coupling works, the working fluid is mostly working in the circular outside diameter, so the probability of leakage of the main shaft center is small. Vertical coupler is installed vertically, and it is highly likely that the working fluid will leak downward due to gravity. In order to prevent leakage, a reliable sealing structure must be adopted, and some of the lower end and the cover shell.

When overloaded, the working liquid large circulation movement, depending on the dynamic pressure and the gravity, can quickly discharge into the auxiliary cavity below, protecting the motor and the machine in time without being damaged. If auxiliary chamber at the top, when overload flow direction with auxiliary chamber in the opposite direction, to rely on the static pressure and gravity, push the liquid to the top of the auxiliary cavity, and the discharge is slow dawn hydraulic filter, as the auxiliary cavity in the bottom of the coupling. The filling and fusible plug should be located above. For the convenience of refueling and disassembling of the fusible plug, the plug and fusible plug should be located above. In the meantime, the oil plug should be installed in order to change oil. Normally the position of the vertical coupling filler is 80 % of the oil.

The Repeater spare parts coupler is usually made of aluminum alloy, which is not allowed to be hit directly with the hammer. Grease on the shaft of the working machine and the power engine should be used when installing. Special installation and dismantling tools. Straight line connecting the engine shaft coupling should be pay attention to the inspection and calibration and working machine shaft alignment, elastic coupling coupling, alignment tolerance should be lower than 0.3 mm below, coupling the specifications, the greater the engine speed is higher, the alignment tolerance value should be smaller. The belt wheel coupler usually is mounted on the engine shaft, which is fixed by tightening bolts, and the tightening bolts should be reversed with the engine. The coupler designed by this factory is equipped with the removal of the screw hole, and the coupling device can be removed from the shaft of the power machine with a special screw. Generally use oil medium. Working fluid recommended: hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil, refrigeration oil, motor oil, mechanical oil. Water and incombustible liquid are used in underground coal mine. The output of the coupling device turns to the same as the power machine, but the engine can turn forward and backward, but it should avoid the sharp and positive reversal. The amount of liquid should not exceed 80% of the total volume. Regularly check the quality of the working medium and the damage of the elastic block and replace it in time.

Repeater is also called the coupling, and the main transmission shaft, used to connect's institutions due to mechanical equipment, all kinds of Repeater function also is slightly different, such as relay on the forklift is used to transfer power between the transmission and drive axle. Below 3 t forklift for drive train longitudinal size short, generally USES the rigid connection structure, namely from the engine to the clutch transmission - coupling shell - drive axle adopts bolt coupling, which is from the engine to the drive axle is a whole rigidity, the rigidity of the whole central, adopt gear Repeater.

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