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The Structural Characteristics Of The Repeater
Jul 19, 2017

The structural characteristics of the Repeater
In order to improve the damping capacity of the Repeater, it is necessary to increase the damping coefficient, mainly to increase the interference torque frequency and the natural frequency ratio of the method, when increased, the relay power amplification factor becomes smaller, so as to reduce Vibration effect. At the end of the increase in the connection plate, but also increased the damping device --- buffer ring (material for the nitrile rubber), the use of buffer ring vibration system damping, reducing the natural frequency of the Repeater, while the buffer ring also To the vibration of the role, that is: from the motor or compressor shaft vibration, through the buffer ring, most of the vibration energy is reduced, converted into the buffer ring deformation potential energy, thus to overcome the resonance, so that vibration to a minimum. The connection plate is fixed with the two half shafts to ensure the coaxiality of the connecting plate and the half shaft.
Diaphragm structure designed to increase the torsional stiffness of the diaphragm, and increase the elastic deformation of the diaphragm, so that the relay vibration effect is greater.
Manufacturing accuracy of new type diaphragm Repeater
Repeater is connected to the motor and the compressor of the middle parts, and its motor and rotor shaft diameter with the accuracy of the unit will have a certain impact on the vibration. Therefore, the compressor coupling, the motor coupling of the processing, put forward a higher demand, the coupling of the hole, the outer circle, the end surface must be grinding, to ensure surface roughness at the same time, also meet The coaxiality and verticality of the requirements, which not only improve the motor coupling and the motor shaft diameter, compressor coupling and rotor shaft diameter with the accuracy, but also for the future installation to find a convenient. Repeater is a high-speed rotating parts, in the course of work, the eccentricity of the centrifugal force generated, can produce a large unbalanced torque, causing vibration enhancement, noise increases. In order to eliminate the unbalanced moment of the Repeater, the vibration origin is controlled, the system transmission is smooth, the dynamic balance level of the Repeater is raised to the stage, and after the dynamic balance is finished, the relative position of each coupling, Corresponding nuts, holes are marked, for the future installation and commissioning provides a benchmark.
Drive shaft Repeater is connected or assembled with accessories and can be moved or rotated round objects accessories, are generally made of light and torsion good alloy steel pipe. For the front engine rear wheel drive the car is the transmission of the transmission to the main reducer shaft, it can be several sections by the universal joint connection.
Drive shaft Repeater (hereinafter referred to as the drive shaft) is composed of shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint. The telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the distance between the transmission and the drive axle. Universal joint is to ensure that the transmission shaft and the drive axle input shaft angle changes in the two axes, and to achieve two-axis isometric transmission. General universal joint cross shaft, cross bearing and flange fork and other components. Steyr series of heavy-duty vehicles used in the transmission shaft universal joint roller shaft bearings, with short and thick cross shaft, can pass a larger torque. A butterfly spring is provided on the end face of the bearing to press the roller. The end face of the cross shaft increases the reinforced nylon gasket with a helical groove to prevent sintering when the large angle or large torque is transmitted.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft, to extend its service life, in use should pay attention to the following:
1, is strictly prohibited car with high-speed start;
2, is strictly prohibited to lift the clutch pedal;
3, is strictly prohibited car overload, speeding;
4, should always check the working conditions of the drive shaft;
5, should always check the drive shaft hanger fastening, support the rubber is damaged, the transmission shaft of the connection parts are loose, whether the deformation of the drive shaft;
6, in order to ensure the dynamic balance of the drive shaft, should always pay attention to whether the welding rod off the welding. The new drive shaft assembly is provided in the new drive shaft loading should pay attention to the assembly of the expansion sleeve, should ensure that the flange fork in a plane. When repairing the drive shaft in the maintenance, the assembly mark should be printed on the telescopic sleeve and the flange shaft to keep the original assembly relationship unchanged when reassembling;
7, should always be filled with grease for the universal joint, the summer should be injected into the No. 3 lithium-based grease, the winter into the No. 2 lithium-based grease.

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