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The Three Main Advantages Of Directional Coupler
Oct 12, 2017

Directional Coupler fabrication technology is not only a simple principle of the use of magnetic, that is, shaped absorption, homosexual repulsion, it also combines modern transmission technology, material technology, manufacturing technology, so that it has three different from the general coupler specialty. At present, China's Directional Coupler to rely on these three major advantages continue to expand the market share, but also to apply to more areas, then the three major advantages of what advantages?
Advantage 1: energy-saving effect is good
According to the relevant experiments show that the Directional Coupler energy saving effect is very good, at least can reach between 25% to 66%. In the test, the type of coupler is very much, but really do the energy-saving coupler, the Directional Coupler is far ahead. However, in the Directional Coupler, according to the production technology can not be produced, its energy-saving effect is different, good can reach more than 50%. Therefore, the choice of its fabrication technology becomes a major focus of the Directional Coupler.
Advantage 2: less maintenance work
Coupler is one of the main components of the entire equipment, its damage to the production has a very important impact. Therefore, maintenance is also a must. If this is the case, then the staff should spend more effort to carry out maintenance work, thus ensuring the reduction of coupler damage. But since the Directional Coupler has been, the maintenance of the workload is greatly reduced, to bring more convenience.
Advantages three: installation error is small
Installation errors are very important for production. If the error is great, then it will cause the production of the shutdown, until the installation error within the specified range. At present, the Directional Coupler can make each installation error becomes very small, will not affect the production.
The three major advantages make it far ahead in the peer, and continue to expand its share of the market, making it used by more areas.
China's demand for Directional Coupler is increasing, and its function is also rising. At present, in order to meet the needs of the vast number of consumers, Directional Coupler performance continues to increase. So what is the current self-produced Directional Coupler What are the characteristics of it?
Features 1: The combination of automation technology to achieve the precise control
Automation technology is a very fast development of a technology, it is combined with the Directional Coupler is the whole machine to achieve the purpose of precise control. With the production of our products for the continuous improvement of precision, precision control of production equipment must be changed, and continue to improve. The development of automation technology provides the precise control of the Directional Coupler. As long as people set the specific value of production, then it will achieve the entire production process of precise control, so as to meet people's precise needs.
Features two: simple structure, to adapt to a variety of harsh environments.
The use of Directional Coupler environment is very much, there are normal workplace, there are very poor atmosphere of the place. With the continuous development of technology, China's self-directed Directional Coupler can adapt to the vast harsh environment, so as to ensure the normal production in harsh environments, so as to bring better benefits to the enterprise.
Features three: easy to install
China's production of Directional Coupler is very simple, the corresponding installation is also very convenient. As long as people can carefully look at the installation instructions, then you can ensure the smooth installation.
At present, China's development of Directional Coupler technology investment is very large, in the future there will be more excellent Directional Coupler, so as to meet people's needs.

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