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Typical Application Of Repeater
Mar 01, 2017

In the wireless cellular system design, because the base station's transmitting power than cell phones, when calculating the base station's coverage is often calculated reverse-circuit transmission attenuation. But in the Repeater actually install the debugging, for the sake of convenience, we still with cell phone base stations to estimate the signal strength. (In the following example, level values are involved in mobile phone received signal power value. )

Roads covered

Coverage of key villages and residential areas in the suburbs

The "l" type coverage

Temporary meeting place emergency override

Wide geographical coverage

It is to be noted that, if the Repeater is located at 300m, through begins Repeater method, if we detect Repeater above 25dB of gain, then the Repeater for operation has to be good. Thus, to use Repeater is composed of a large area of coverage is not realistic. Of course wants to be in the local direction for a larger coverage, such as along the road you must have a high tower and high-gain directional antenna, so that 10km can be overridden in a single direction.

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