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What Are The Main Categories Of Radio Frequency Conditioning Products
May 31, 2017

RF Conditioning Products What are radio frequency conditioning products? The main categories of RF conditioning products RF conditioning products are passive RFID products, active RFID products, semi-active RFID products, the following is the RF classification of the main classification of products for a detailed description.

  Passive RFID products developed the earliest, but also the most mature development, the market's most widely used products. For example, bus cards, cafeteria meal cards, bank cards, hotel access cards, second-generation ID cards, etc., which in our daily life can be seen everywhere, are close contact identification category. The main frequency of its products are low frequency 125KHZ, high frequency 13.56MHZ, UHF 433MHZ, UHF 915MHZ.

  RF Conditioning Products Active RFID products, is slowly developed in recent years, and its long-range automatic identification of the characteristics, determines its huge application space and market potential. In the field of long-range automatic identification, such as intelligent prison, intelligent hospital, intelligent parking lot, intelligent transportation, intelligent city, wisdom of the Earth and the Internet and other fields have significant applications. Active RFID in this field sudden emergence, are long-range automatic identification category. Products are the main frequency of ultra-high frequency 433MHZ, microwave 2.45GHZ and 5.8GMHZ. Active RFID products and passive RFID products, its different characteristics, determines the different application areas and different application models, but also have their own advantages. However, in this system, we focus on the active RFID and passive RFID between the semi-active RFID products, the product set of active RFID and passive RFID advantages in one, access control in the access, personnel precise positioning , Regional positioning management, perimeter management, electronic fence and security alarm and other fields have a great advantage.

  RF Conditioning Products Semi-active RFID products, combined with active RFID products and passive RFID products, the advantages of low frequency 125KHZ trigger, let the microwave 2.45G play an advantage. Semi-active RFID technology, can also be called low-frequency activation trigger technology, the use of low-frequency close-range precise positioning, microwave remote identification and upload data to solve the simple active RFID and passive RFID can not achieve the function. Simply put, that is close to activate the positioning, remote identification and upload data.

  Semi-active RFID is a flexible application that is easy to manipulate, simple and practical and particularly suitable for use in automation control. It does not require manual intervention, it supports both read-only mode of operation and support for read and write modes, Or targeted at a variety of harsh environments free work, short-range RF products are not afraid of grease, dust pollution and other harsh environments, you can replace the bar code, for example, used in the factory line to track objects; long-range RF products for traffic, Identify distances up to several tens of meters, such as automatic charges or identification of vehicle identities.

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