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What Are The Technological Requirements For The Spray Coating Of Directional Coupler?
Jul 10, 2017

What are the technological requirements for the spray coating of Directional Coupler?

After the Directional Coupler is assembled, it is qualified by the factory test to get into the coating process. Its purpose is to make the product have anti-rust, anti-corrosion, beautiful effect. This process may seem simple, but it is very complicated to achieve the process. Every step of the process is very important. The specific process requirements are as follows:

1) trim the surface of the product to meet the requirements of the surface of the product before painting.

2) use banana water or gasoline or kerosene, clean, clean the surface of the surface of the products, dust, paint, etc., and blow dry surface.

3) fusible plug, explosion-proof plug end face and name plate, rod, oil mirror, logo, tags to preserve the primary colors, such as parts or parts of the original state must be butter or paper cover, prevent the paint color, and then remove paint dry.

4) the speed regulating Directional Coupler products shall be sprayed with primer, ash, ground ash, cleaning and spray painting, and must be strictly performed according to the process.

5) the surface of the spray paint shall be uniformly colored, with a stain, no tear stain.

6) the role of protection and beauty after painting.

Directional Coupler drawing apparatus including hydraulic roof, sleeve, grappling hooks and LED lights, the sleeve at the top of the hydraulic head, the sleeve inside a plunger, push rod end connected to the hydraulic head, the bottom of the sleeve has a hook;

The lower right side with screw the sleeve, sleeve on the left side of the equipped with LED lights, LED lights with internal electronics, top of the LED lamp has switch, at the bottom of the LED lamp has a metal hose, metal hose at the other end connected with the light bulb.

There are three catch hooks, and the grappling hook is an average of 120 degrees. The electron needs three; The grappling hook is equipped with anti-slip thread.

Advantages of using Directional Coupler:

Reasonable structure, function and practical, easy to operate, Directional Coupler and shaft can be safe and fast separation, to ensure the integrity of the Directional Coupler, can continue to use, so as to avoid Directional Coupler by destructive remove losses;

At the same time, it is not restricted by the site, it is more convenient to use, and because the grappling hook has anti-slip thread, it can easily grasp the Directional Coupler.

The work of the Directional Coupler liquid is Directional Coupler torque is medium, the charging many of the Directional Coupler size and Directional Coupler transmission torque overload protection has bigger impact.

For Directional Coupler with the same type and specification, the amount of liquid filling directly affects the transmission torque of the Directional Coupler. The basic rule is that in the prescribed liquid filling range, the more Directional Coupler transmission torque will be greater. When the transfer torque is constant, the more liquid filling, the higher the efficiency of the Directional Coupler, but the starting torque will also increase, and the overload coefficient will increase accordingly. Different types of Directional Coupler can be used to match the different power motor to suit different working machine requirements.

The Directional Coupler with Directional Coupler has a certain range of transmission torque, called power belt, which corresponds to the scope of the Directional Coupler. Normally, Directional Couplers should be filled with a range of 60% to 80% of the total volume of the Directional Coupler, which cannot be exceeded and cannot be filled. When the liquid quantity of Directional Coupler is beyond 80% volume, Directional Coupler in turns, rose sharply due to overload and booster, leading to the expansion of the working fluid volume, the internal pressure increase of the Directional Coupler can well sealing, causing leakage, even cause Directional Coupler shell crack, cause the damage of the machinery.

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