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What Is The Benefit Of Using A Directional Coupler For The Motor?
Sep 21, 2017

What is the benefit of using a Directional Coupler for the motor?
The Directional Coupler is a hydraulic element with an output torque equal to the input torque, which is a mechanical device that uses liquid media to deliver rotational speed. So what are the benefits of using a Directional Coupler?
1, can replace the high-performance motor with cheap motor: As a result of solving the difficulty of starting the motor, so you can use cheap squirrel cage asynchronous motor instead of expensive high-performance winding motor, saving motor investment and distribution facilities costs.
2, to extend the motor life: As the Directional Coupler with light load start and overload protection, it can protect the motor in the IDon isolation overload process is not damaged, reduce the motor failure rate, extend the service life.
3, to improve the motor frequent start and commutation capacity: the motor through the Directional Coupler drive the working machine, due to the role of Directional Coupler buffer to make the motor in the frequent Kai, stop and frequent change from damage.
Adjustable Directional Coupler tuning is mainly used for a variety of fans and pumps and other equipment, we often used to cut the speed of Directional Coupler should be how to operate, should pay attention to what today to explain for you
1, speed-type Directional Coupler before use, must be filled into the box or box, oil grade 6 # force transmission oil or 32 # turbine oil, does not allow the use of mixed oil.
2, refueling containers must ensure that clean, not allowed to mix into plush or sand and other debris.
3, the Directional Coupler technical specifications given in the fuel is only an approximation, it does not include the cooler of the oil storage, when refueling to open the Directional Coupler box or lid on the oil filter cover, the oil into the The oil level reaches the specified "maximum oil level" (seen from the housing oil mirror) and then the device is switched to the lowest speed position for short run. The oil pump circulates the oil through the line and the cooler , After the shutdown and then make the oil level to "the highest oil level", but must pay attention to not too much oil, such as oil level is too high, box-type directional control type Directional Coupler rotating parts with the tank when the oil Liquid contact, resulting in serious overheating; box-type adjustable Directional Coupler running when the higher temperature of the oil and gas can not be through the top of the box and the gap between the oil level through the filter port discharge.
4, in the course of use, should always check the Directional Coupler box or tank oil level, in any case the oil surface are not allowed to exceed the "highest oil level", nor allowed below the "minimum oil level." If less than the "minimum oil level", the pump will not absorb the oil, which led to the Directional Coupler heat, damage.
5, Directional Coupler clockwise or anti-clockwise operation, but when the steering change, the direction of its catheter or oil pump to be a corresponding change. Therefore, from the first start, you must check the main motor and pump the direction of rotation is consistent with the original design requirements.
6, check the electric manipulator, electric actuators, speed device flexibility and accuracy.
7, the official start, you must open the cooler inlet pipe switch, cooling water flow should be sufficient, must be circulating flow.
It is not easy to build a brand is not easy in the national economic situation continues to improve, and vigorously promote the construction of a conservation-oriented society and vigorously develop energy-saving products in the background, with energy-saving products, Directional Coupler ushered in new development opportunities and unprecedented The development of space. The majority of enterprises should take advantage of and take a positive strategy to strengthen the Directional Coupler industry, to improve the overall level of China's Directional Coupler industry to make its own contribution.

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