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What Is The Difference Between Relay And Bridging
Apr 21, 2018

The difference between the relay and bridge mode of a wireless router

The relay mode is to use the wireless connection between the wireless routers to transfer the wireless signal from one relay point to the next relay point, to enhance the signal, and to form a new wireless coverage area, and to reach the goal of extending the coverage of the wireless network. In fact, as long as there are two wireless routers supporting relay functions, the network coverage can be extended.

Relay and bridging functions are basically the same for the actual use of wireless users, but the devices are different, not all wireless routers can bridge, wireless routing bridge is to use the wireless router as a repeater.  Bridging is not the main function of a wireless router. When using relay mode, the network SSID numbers are the same, while in bridging mode, the network SSID number is different.

Relay can be different from SSID. To be exact, the difference between the two is the allocation of the IP address of the device that is linked later. Relay is allocated by itself, and bridging is allocated by higher level routing. The relay is active, and the rear connected device, regardless of the route of the superior, is passive and must be licensed by the superior.

Wireless relay can be understood as a device receiving signals from other devices. Re - launch at the center of your own. It is mainly used in areas with weak signals. It is used for the expansion and enlargement of wireless signals.

Wireless bridge connections are usually wireless data transmission with only point to point or point to multipoint signals. Normally. It is mainly used for links between small local area networks in two different locations. For remote network point to point or point to point data communication. And. In order to ensure the stability of bridging. Normally. When the device opens the bridge function, it will close the intervention function of the common network card. That is, only point to point communication. Wireless devices can not be wirelessly connected.

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