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What Is The Difference Between Repeater, Hub, Bridge, Switch And Router?
Apr 21, 2018

1, repeater is a physical network interconnection device. Its function is to re generate signals (that is, amplification and reshaping of the original signal).

Repeater (Repeater) is also the most simple, but also the most used interconnect device. Repeaters are only suitable for Ethernet, and can connect two or more than two Ethernet networks. The repeater only regenerates and amplifies the data transmitted on the cable, and then sends it back to other cable segments. For the protocol over the link layer, there is no difference between a number of cables interconnected by a repeater and a single cable (except that the interrupter itself can cause a certain time delay).

2, the hub is in the physical layer of the 7 tier model of OSI, which is essentially a repeater. The main function is to regenerate the received signal to enlarge the transmission distance of the network. It is because the hub is only a signal amplifying and turning device, so it does not have the switching function, but it is often used because the hub is cheap and the network is flexible. Hub is used in star network wiring. If a workstation has problems, it will not affect the normal operation of the entire network.

3, the bridge works on the data link layer, connects the two LAN and forward the frames according to the MAC address, which can be regarded as a "low layer router" (routers are working on the network layer and forwarded according to network addresses, such as IP addresses).

4, Switch is also called a switched hub, which is a network set that works on the OSI second layer (the data link layer, see the "Wan" definition), based on the MAC (media access control address) of the network card, and can complete the package and forward packet function. It regenerates the information and sends it to the designated port after internal processing. It has the ability of automatic addressing and switching. The switch does not understand the IP address, but it can "learn" the MAC address and store it in the internal address table by setting up a temporary exchange path between the originator of the data frame and the target receiver to make the data frame reach the destination address directly from the source address.

5, what is the network connected to each other? It's a router. Routers are the hub of the Internet and "traffic police". At present, routers have been widely used in all walks of life. Different grades of products have become the main force to realize the internal connections of various backbone networks, interconnection between backbone networks and interconnected services between backbone networks and the Internet.

Routing refers to the movement of information from source locations to target locations through interconnected networks. In general, in routing process, information passes through at least one or more intermediate nodes. In general, people compare routing and switching, mainly because they have the same functions as ordinary users. In fact, the main difference between routing and switching is that the exchange occurs in the second layer of the OSI reference model (the data link layer), and the routing occurs at the third layer, the network layer. This difference determines the need to use different control information in the process of routing and switching in mobile information, so the two ways to implement their respective functions are different.

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