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What Is The Dry Station? What's The Difference From A Direct Station?
Mar 02, 2018

What is the dry station? What's the difference from a direct station?

Dry station is a radio frequency signal intensifier is more simple than the repeater, in addition to its internal duplexer, power supply, monitoring and so on, is mainly the uplink low noise amplifier, downlink power amplifier, no frequency selection, band selection, frequency shift, optical module, the gain is relatively small stem (40~50dB), noise accumulation obviously, can only be put straight behind the station, or special circumstances connected with the base station, do not use too much.

Repeater is a radio frequency signal enhancer. It is used in the back end of the base station, and it is divided into frequency repeater, such as frequency selection, pick up, optical fiber and frequency shift. It can improve the coverage quality of coverage area to improve the traffic. And improve the quality of the call, it can not produce carrier frequency, and the upstream will have noise accumulation, a base station can not take too many direct stations;

Dry is trunk amplifier, amplifier connected in the trunk line, the signal amplification, to receive signals of mobile phone standards; its role is in the coverage area, the signal is not up to the standard, adding a trunk amplifier to amplify the signal effect for different coverage, choose different stem and power.

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