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What Is The Reason For The Oil Leakage Of The Directional Coupler Shaft
Aug 10, 2017

What is the reason for the oil leakage of the Directional Coupler shaft
Most of the Directional Coupler shaft seal is sealed with oil seal. Seal seal condition is to ensure that the shaft and the oil seal lip can form a qualified ink, by the ink to produce surface tension to play a sealing effect. If the three machines are different, the hydraulic coupling shaft is affected by the radial force generated by the installation of different heart, resulting in winding or beating, will naturally destroy the oil film generation, which may produce oil spills. The installation of Directional Couplers is very important, not only will produce oil leakage phenomenon will appear a lot of problems. As well as bearing premature damage, elastic plum pad damage. Are installed by the different heart caused. So I hope everyone in the use of Directional Coupler when the first to be optimistic about the use of instructions, or the use of samples. Shaft side of the reasons for oil leakage is caused by three different heart.
Introduction of Directional Coupler refueling method
1, the working fluid for the Directional Coupler transmission medium, the amount of liquid directly affect the Directional Coupler can pass the rated power of the size of the same specifications Directional Coupler can reach the rated power range through the different liquid charge The changes can be matched with different power motors to accommodate not
The same work machine requirements.
2, the performance of the working fluid affect the Directional Coupler transmission torque and safe operation and other issues. The working fluid has a relatively high flash point, lower pour point, a larger density, suitable viscosity, corrosive, anti-aging, not foaming and precipitation, good lubrication, the specific requirements are as follows:
Oil medium Directional Coupler is recommended to use No. 22 turbine oil (turbine oil), 6 hydraulic transmission oil, No. 8 hydraulic transmission oil, coal mine and other flammable and explosive places should use water medium Directional Coupler. Oil medium Directional Coupler and water medium Directional Coupler internal structure, safety measures, anti-corrosion treatment and so on are different, absolutely can not arbitrarily change the Directional Coupler working medium for use.
3, Directional Coupler filling liquid when the oil injection plug, the working medium by GF1W0.63 / 0.2 filter filter can be filled into the Directional Coupler cavity. After filling the appropriate working medium, check and tighten all the oil filler plugs and fusible plugs on the Directional Coupler housing.
4, Directional Coupler maximum filling capacity of the working chamber of the total volume of 80%, the working fluid must not be filled, otherwise the oil temperature rise during operation, volume expansion, will lead to sealing failure or shell cracking.
5, the Directional Coupler minimum filling capacity of the working chamber of the total volume of 40%, too little oil will lead to the bearing can not be fully lubricated, thereby shortening the service life of the Directional Coupler.
6, the correct oil level on the normal operation of the Directional Coupler is very important, it is recommended to carry out regular oil level inspection. It is recommended to select the limit type Directional Coupler to observe the mirror (oil as the mirror), through the observation mirror, no need to open the Directional Coupler, you can always check the amount of liquid.
7, the user does not have more stringent requirements, you can rotate the Directional Coupler shell, when the oil plug plug to the vertical center line from the highest point of about 55 °, cavity working fluid just out when the Directional Coupler can be regarded as High rated power of the better oil level. Recommended users should be based on the size of the actual workload and working conditions to adjust the amount of oil filling.

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