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What Is The Role Of A Repeater?
Jan 06, 2018

What is the role of a repeater?

A repeater is a connection device on the network physical layer. It is suitable for the interconnection of the two types of networks that are exactly the same. The main function is to extend the network transmission distance by resending or forwarding the data signals. A repeater is a physical layer of the OSI model of a network device that regenerates and restores signals. Simply and popularly, repeater is used to amplify signals in the network cable. The general five kinds of network lines are theoretically stable, the highest transmission distance is 90 meters, but in practice, the general brand is only 70~80 meters, and then it will lose packets. At this time, if we still have to use ordinary five kinds of twisted pair transmission, we need to put a repeater in the position of 80 meters, so that the line can work steadily within 160 meters. The repeater only plays the role of forwarding the packet, and does not make any changes to the content of the packet or the header.

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Add:9F, Dongguan Building, Jiangnan Ave 4288, Binjiang District, Hangzhou
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