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Which Points Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing The Power Filter
Aug 03, 2018

1. there must be a good electrical connection between the housing of the power filter and the equipment. Do not install the filter on the insulation material or spray paint surface. Also avoid the use of long grounding wire, which will greatly increase the grounding inductance and resistance, thus seriously reducing the common mode suppression performance of the filter. The better method is to fasten the metal shield shell of the filter with metal screw and spring (Star Line) washer on the shell of the power source of the system, or connect with the site with the copper braided joint zone.

2. when strapping the equipment cable, it is strictly forbidden to strangle the input and output cables of the filter. Because this aggravates the electromagnetic coupling between input and output of the filter, and seriously destroys the suppression ability of filter to EMI signal.

3. do not install the filter inside the device shield. Because of this, the EMI signal on the device's internal circuit and components will be directly coupled to the device because of the radiation generated on the end lead of the filter, so that the device is shielded from the suppression of the EMI radiation generated by the internal circuits and components.

4. it is suggested that the original screen of the device be used to isolate the input and output of the filter effectively, and the possible electromagnetic coupling between the input and output end of the filter is controlled to the lowest level.

The housing of the general filter is the frame or chassis that receives the protected device.

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