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Rf 1/2” Super Flexible Jumper Cable 4.3-10 Male To DIN Male 3meter

Rf 1/2” Super Flexible Jumper Cable 4.3-10 Male To DIN Male 3meter

Features: Wide Frequency Range

Product Details

RF 1/2” Super Flexible Jumper Cable 4.3-10 Male To DIN Male 3meter

Ⅰ. Specification

1. Product Name: 1/2” Super Flexible RF Jumper Cable

2. Model Number: DM/4310M-1/2”S-LM (LM: Length Meter)

3. Connector Type: DIN Male to 4.3-10 Male

4. Compliance Standards: IEC60169, VG95250, EN122190, GJB681-89, GJB360A-96, IEC 60169-54

5. Main Parameter:

5.1 RF coaxial connector:

5.1.1 Connector Materials and Plating

Inner conductor: Bronze, plated with silver, plating thickness: ≥0.003mm

Outer conductor: Brass, plated with ternary alloy, plating thickness≥0.003mm

Fastener: Brass;  Insulation dielectric: PTFE.

5.1.2 Connector Electrical Spec

Characteristics impedance: 50Ω

Frequency range: DC-6GHz

VSWR: ≤1.15 (DC-3GHz)

Insulator resistance: ≥5GΩ

Center conductor resistance: ≤1.0mΩ; Outer conductor resistance: ≤0.2mΩ

Test voltage (at sea level): ≥2500 V rms

PIM(IM3): ≤-160dBc@2x43dBm

5.1.3 Connector Mechanical Feature

Mating cycles: ≥500 cycles

Coupling nut retention: 500N

Recommended torque: 5 N.m

Termination cable retention: ≥300N

5.2 RF coaxial cable: 1/2” Super Flexible RF Cable

5.2.1 Materials

Inner conductor: aluminum wire covered with copper (Φ3.55mm±0.04)

Insulation dielectric: polyethylene foamed PE (Φ9.2mm±0.20)

Outer conductor: Helically corrugated copper (Φ12.0mm±0.2)

Cable jacket: PE or fire retardant PE (Φ13.60mm±0.20)

5.2.2 Feature

Characteristics impedance: 50Ω

Capacitance: 82 PF/m

Propagation velocity: 83%

Min. single bending radius: 50mm

Tensile strength: 800N

Insulation resistance: ≥5GΩ

Shielding attenuation: ≥120dB

VSWR: ≤1.15 (0.01-3GHz)

5.3 Jumper cable

5.3.1 Cable Component Size:

Total length of cable assemblies:





5.3.2 Electrical feature

Frequency Band: 700-2700MHz

Characteristics Impedance: 50Ω±1

Operating Voltage: 1500V

VSWR: ≤1.1 (DC-3GHz), ≤1.15 (3-6GHz)

Insulation voltage: ≥2500V

Insulation resistance: ≥5GΩ (500V DC)

PIM(IM3): ≤-160dBc@2x20W, manufacturing 100% QC test 900MHz, 1800MHz.

Insertion Loss:

Frequency    1 meter2 meter3 meter5 meter

800-960MHz        ≤0.13dB≤0.24dB≤0.34dB≤0.52dB





5.3.3. Environment feature

Operating temperature range: -45℃ to +85℃

Storage temperature range: -70℃ to +85℃

Thermal shock: IEC 60068-2-14 Test Na

Corrosion resistance: IEC 60068-2-11 Test Ka

Vibration: IEC 60068-2-6 Test Fc

Shock: IEC 60068-2-27 Test Ea

Moisture resistance: IEC 60068-2-3 Test Ca

Degree of protection (mated pair): IEC 60529, IP67

Product Show&Outline Drawing:  

jumper cable DIN-MALE TO 4.3-10MALE.jpg


CenRF Certificates:

CenRF Certificates.jpg

Application Scenes:

Application Scenes.jpg



CenRF promises reasonable price, short production time, and after-sales service.


1.What're the main products of CenRF?

CenRF specializes in manufacturing all types of communication products. Our main products are repeaters, antennas, power splitters, couplers, combiners, cables, and connectors.

2.Can your company provide Technical Support?

Yes. We have experienced technical experts who are willing to help you deal with technical problems.

3.Can your company provide solutions?

Yes. Our team of IBS experts will help find the most cost-effective solution for your application.

4.Do you test the equipment before your delivery?

Yes. We do test every component after installation to ensure we've delivered the signal solution you needed.

5.What is your quality control?

Quality is CenRF's culture. We do have strict inspection and testing before shipment.

6.Can you accept the small order?

Yes, small order is available in our company.

7.Do you have OEM&ODM service?

Yes, we can support our customers specialled products and we are able to put your logo on the products.

8.Can your company provide CO or Form E certificate?

Yes, we can provide it if you need.

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